Case Study

How we helped the first marketplace for refurbished smartphones in Romania go from 0 to 2,6 million euro revenue in only 12 months

About Flip.ro

  • The first managed marketplace for buying and selling refurbished smartphones.
  • Helps consumer sell their old smartphone 10x faster.
  • Reinvented second-hand shopping into a premium experience, by offering verified phones at great prices and a 12-month guarantee.

Key Metrics

Flip.ro was launched in January 2020

From 0 to:

2,6 million euro revenue in 2020

20.000+ customers in 2020

350.000+ monthly website visitors

Client expectations:

The client needed a full-stack digital team that would be extremely pro-active and agile. The needs of such a startup were to have someone close at all times, ready to tackle emergencies and test out every idea the team had. Another requirement was involvement in building an amazing product with their core team.

Key actions:

  • We used a fast-testing strategy where our creative department was generating new materials each week (videos, banners, instant experiences, etc.).
  • Our PPC department implemented a thorough measuring system that allowed them to have a complete view on the data and take informed decisions regarding target audiences, UI & UX and new campaign ideas
  • In order to drive the supply side of the marketplace, we created a video commercial with a well known actor to increase brand trust
  • We implemented audience building strategies for Black Driday and xmas sales that allowed us to sell almost all inventory in hours
  • We implemented scarcity and time pressure tactics to drive sales
  • And perhaps most importantly, our digital team was available 24/7 on Slack for any requests, meetings and spontaneous ideas

Main services offered

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Paid Advertising

Graphic Design

Video Production

Dedicated  Digital Team Available 24/7

Key visuals:

As a new-born startup, we have made the decision to work with Difrnt agency after meeting 6 other digital marketing agencies in the country. We had just raised capital from VC investors and had a huge responsibility to successfully launch a new concept in the market.

After 1 year of working with Difrnt, I can say the team is extremely anchored in reality and numbers, while in the same time they are able to design and execute even the most out-of-the box campaigns. For Flip it felt like we had our own in-house digital team where everything from PPC to tracking, product improvement and design happened.

If you’re looking for an agency that is not trying to sell you on “what a great number of impressions you can have”, but instead wants to understand your customers, product and financials, you just found it!

George Moroianu

CEO & Co-founder @ Flip.ro

A new type of digital partner for businesses who want to be one step ahead.

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