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Case Study

Case study on how we helped the biggest psychotherapy clinic in Romania adapt during a global pandemic.

The challenge

The leader in psychotherapy services in Romania, Clinica Oana Nicolau, with over 60 therapists, asked our team to find a way to adapt their business after the quarantine measures kicked-in.

Therapy sessions couldn’t take place in the clinic anymore and remote video sessions were not the best solution due to privacy issues, therefore we had to find a solution to continue therapy sessions during quarantine.

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Locations are closed

All of the clinic’s locations were closed during quarantine, therefore therapy sessions had to move online.

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Video sessions lack privacy

Clients were reluctant to video sessions due to privacy issues. You don’t feel like crying when your kids are around.

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Budget & time constraints

We only have 7 days to come up with a solution and implement it. Budget is very limited until we prove traction.

The solution

Therapy in your pocket.

Introducing the first text therapy service in Romania

Therapy appointments are made online

We’ve developed an online therapy check-out process where customers can choose their favorite therapist, schedule their session, and pay online.

Text is a safe and simple alternative to video

You can send text your therapist whenever you feel it’s the right moment.

Launched an MVP without developing a custom app

Building a custom app takes time, so we built a prototype by integrating Whatsapp-Business into the client’s technical infrastructure.

Digital customer journey

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Assesment of client needs

Connecting customers with a counselor that will help them understand the process and define their emotional need.

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Finding the right therapist

Based on the client specific needs, we’ll match him with the right therapist from our data-base with 60 licensed therapists.

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Start therapy right away

Clients can immediately start their therapy process and chat with their therapists.

Project highlights

We used the lean methodology and implemented the solution with a few therapists before scaling it to the entire organization. It has allowed us to move fast and improve the text-therapy process by collecting daily feedback from their interactions with clients.

Our contribution

• UX & UI design
• Front-end development
• Customer acquisiton campaigns on Facebook & Google
• Proof of concept
• Improving customer experience after collecting feedback from customers & therapists

Example of Creative AD used to acquire customers


“We are working with DIFRNT since the summer of 2018 and it was one of the best business decisions I’ve taken so far.

They’ve helped us reinvent our business during CoVid-19 and launch the first text therapy service in Romania in a matter of days. What I appreciate the most is that they move fast and come up with out of the box ideas all the time.

I wholeheartedly recommend them to every business that wants to stay ahead during these times of economical uncertainty.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to level up your digital game, this is the team you should be talking to.

Sorin Nicolau
CEO @ Clinica Oana Nicolau

Horia Stupu

Head of Digital

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