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How do you promote an online innovative product for the interior design industry?

Client Brief

Delta Studio created a new product called Ready to Buy interior desings. Our job was to make people aware that there is no need for them to waste time and make designing their homes a pain but rather enjoy a fast option already crafted by an architect.

Key metrics

1 million

views for the Video ADS


uplift in online conversion rate


increase in no. of transactions compared to a monthly average from last months

Key actions

  • We produced a series of six videos, one Long Video Commercial and five Short Video ADS. Everything from scenarion, scenes & filming were made by our team.
  • We used a local influencer so we so we can provide more credibility and use his community for boosting the ADS.
  • Our online ADS strategy meant using a cascading effect for three main elements. We boosted the main long video commercial to acquire a large audience that has seen at least 50% of it. Then, we created an audience with these people that were targeted with short ads and campaign banners at the end.

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