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CON – Psychotherapy Clinic

How do you provide relevant content in order to help more people and reduce mental health stigma?

Client Brief

The client, as the biggest psychotherapy clinic in Romania, with over 50 therapists, asked our team to find a way to reach more people struggling with mental health issues and provide professional help. Another target was to help them become the main online information source for psychotherapy queries.

Key metrics


increase in website traffic compared to last year


uplift in no. of conversions compared to last year


decrease in cost/conversion

Key actions

  • We produced an online video series called the School of Mind, that has reached it’s second season now. We found out what questions were left unanswered and challenged the therapists to tackle each one of them.
  • We’ve increased organic traffic through a series of technical upgrades, content creation for both organic growth and customer education and link building.
  • We created a complete lead nurturing strategy that was focused on creating relevant content combined with performance campaigns to drive sales up.

Client Testimonial


“We’ve been working with DIFRNT since the summer of 2018.

Since we took the decision to work with them, we’ve been constantly reaching our monthly targets. Lately, we have exceeded these targets by far. The DIFRNT team is also involved in our business strategy meetings, where they add great value by researching and presenting growth ideas.

Sorin Nicolau
CEO @ Clinica Oana Nicolau

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